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Come to our store in Osoyoos, and taste yourself, all delicious fruits variety, fresh from local orchards. From Apple, Pear to Cherry and corn, ready for you and your family. Whatever you need we are ready to cater for you. From the smallest quantity to a big bulk order, we will take a good care of your order, and give you the best quality fruits with competitive price.

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Osoyoos Fruit Basket - Only the best produce from local orchard around BC

We provide various fresh fruit and produce for retail customer to big bulk business customer

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From Orchards, to Your Tables

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Osoyoos is famous for it's best farms and orchards. Osoyoos location at the Southern side of Okanagan Valley and it's climate made it a perfect place to grow plantations. Our store started on 2010, and become the best store for fruits and produce in Osoyoos. Backed by our knowledge of the best local orchard and farms, we choose and picked only the best and freshest produce to sell in our store.

  • Family owned and managed
  • Wide variety of fruits
  • Fresh produce
  • Ample parking
  • Clean and well organized store
  • Best quality
  • Best price
  • Local farms and orchards
  • Strategic Location
  • Warm and welcoming staffs

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Osoyoos Valley

the earliest fruit in Canada

Along with tourism, agriculture is a major component of the local economy, as is evident by the abundant produce stands along Highways 3 and 97, and the numerous commercial orchards surrounding the town. The former shrub-steppe environment was transformed into a lush agricultural belt and Osoyoos promoted “the earliest fruit in Canada”.

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Fresh Produce

Bought or consigned from local farms and orchards around Osoyoos enable us to give you the freshest produce available in the market.

Best Quality

We know where and how produce in our store was grown, and selected only the best.

Best Price

By providing produce from local orchard and farms, we can cut transportation and warehouse costs.

Wide Variety

We always have a lot of variety throughout the years.


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